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PandA is Kyoto University's Learning Management System (LMS), which was introduced by the Institute for Information Management and Communication in 2013. PandA is a system for supporting daily educational practices including students' out-of-class learning (e.g. preparation and review, homework assignments and group work). PandA is also a system for facilitating better class communication.

PandA enables instructors to distribute class materials, grade and return students' assignments, conduct quizzes, and store each student' information on achievement. It also enables students to submit assignments and use the discussion forums. PandA has been extensively used in many courses in liberal arts and sciences ("zengaku-kyotsu kamoku") as well as specialized subjects ("semmon kamoku").

Link to PandA

To access the top page of PandA, click the following link.

*You can create a course worksite on PandA from KULASIS. If you have not created the worksite yet, please visit KULASIS.
How to create a course worksite from KULASIS

You can download PandA instructor's manual from the following link.
Website of the Institute for Information Management and Communication, Kyoto University

How to Use PandA

How to utilize PandA varies depending on the class style (lecture or seminar) and content ("Bun-kei": humanities and social sciences or "ri-kei": natural sciences and engineering). Let's learn how to use PandA optimally in class, based on some model cases of educational practices.

Use PandA (for Discussion-Based Humanities Seminar)

-Let's Take a Look at Professor M's Teaching Life-

Examples of use of PandA

Twitter and PandA: Transforming the Quality of Communication and Relationships

Professor Jun Yoshida, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University


Flipped Classroom: Respecting Individual Learning Styles

Professor Shuji Kaneko, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University


English Writing Education Utilizing Turnitin: For Preventing Plagiarism and More Proper Assessment

Dr. John William Rylander, Senior Lecturer, Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences, Kyoto University

Advantages of Using PandA

  • Class-related materials can be shared with students outside class time.
  • Requiring students to submit their assignments through PandA enables them to be managed in bulk in an online system. It is also possible to conduct quizzes through PandA and manage the results in bulk as well.
  • The Forum tool enables instructors to answer questions from individual students and make them visible to other students. It is also possible for students to communicate with one another.
  • The Mail Archive tool allows instructors to communicate with students as a kind of mailing list.

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