What is an Online Class?

Online classes can be sorted into synchronous and asynchronous online classes.

Asynchronous online class

Teachers use digital media to deliver course content, check assignments, respond to opinions and questions from the students, and give students enough opportunities to exchange comments and opinions about the course content.
This falls under Item 2 of the Notification of Media-Facilitated Classroom.

Conducting Class Using Course Materials (Videos, PPT Files with Audio, etc.), Textbooks, and Regular Assignments to Ensure "A Satisfactory Level of Instruction"


In this type of online class teachers offer course materials (videos, PPT files with audio, etc.) and textbooks, gives assignments in every session and give students enough opportunities to exchange comments and opinions about the course content.. In these formats, utilizing LMS and, to some extent, Zoom (web conferencing system) are good approaches.

The next page describes points to consider, available media, and media capabilities for individual course design steps. For the on-demand class format in particular, it is necessary to check the students' level of understanding regarding the goals of the class in every class session. Consequently, it is important to build classes by focusing on what assignments to give.

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Use of MOOCs and/or SPOC

In this type of format, you launch your MOOC or SPOC content for learners. Use of mini-exams and bulletin boards categorizes these courses as media-facilitated classes.

Synchronous online class

Teachers use Zoom or a similar service to conduct classes synchronously.
This falls under Item 1 of the Notification of Media-Facilitated Classroom.

Classes Conducted by Instructors Using a Personal Computer and Online in Real Time

In this format, instructors use their personal computers or tablets to deliver lectures (full online class).

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Classroom Lectures Captured to Be Delivered Online in Real Time

This type of format delivers classroom lectures online using Zoom (HyFlex class).
For detailed information, view the page "What is a hybrid class?".