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Preliminary Meetings

Meetings are held between the instructor and the center staff about the upcoming online course. Staff consults the instructor on his/her educational policy, requests, and expectations. Then, they together decide the general course outline, such as course content, course period, video production, provision of assignments, and support assistance including TAs.


  • Provides the center staff with explanations about course content, learning goals, lecture style, and available TAs, among other topics.

Center Staff

  • Explains the process leading up to the provisioning of a course.
  • Draws up a general outline of the course according to the instructor's requests.
  • Adjusts the course in coordination with edX


Providing an Introductory Course Page ("Course About Page")

An introductory page for the course called "Course About Page" is published via edX to attract learners before the course starts. The page includes materials such as an introductory video ("Course About Video") and the course overview, and it is produced to highlight attractive features of the course.


  • Works together with the center staff to produce the Course About Video regarding the course content.
  • Develops a course syllabus.

Center Staff

  • Creates scenarios and storyboards for the Course About Video based on preliminary meeting results.
  • Shoots and edits the video.
  • Creates the Course About Page and publishes the page along with the Course About Video via edX.


Producing Course Content

Lecture videos are shot and edited, and assignments are created in accordance with the process discussed in preliminary meetings. The entire course content is prepared before providing the lectures online.

Center Staff

  • Shoots and edits the lecture videos.
  • Using the prepared script, adds subtitles to the lecture video.
  • Uploads the course content onto the edX website.


Providing the Course Online

Course content is released every week. Learners' lecture video viewing history and their answers to assignments can be checked in real time.


  • Responds to questions on the Discussion forum. TAs and the center staff share the responsibility of responding to questions; although, some instructors may prefer to respond themselves.

Center Staff


Ending Online Course

After completing a course, learners meeting certain requirements are given a verified certificate signed by the instructor.


Center Staff