Kyoto University      Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Division for Studies in Higher Education (Division 1) consists of the following three sections: (i) the study of teaching development; (ii) the study of assessment and evaluation; and (iii) the study of curriculum development. The division is designed to meet various demands for improvement in education such as liberal arts and to support studies in the relevant research areas.

Division 1 continuously engages in the three research fields: Curriculum Development (plan), Teaching Development (do), and Assessment and Evaluation (see), which correspond to the Plan-Do-See cycle for educational development. The Division has recently begun to research the Development of Liberal Arts Education so that it can more effectively provide for Kyoto University’s educational improvement and development needs. So far, the Division has taken a fieldwork approach and has published many research achievements on teaching and learning. These publications have drawn wide attention to both past achievements and the latest information in the field of higher education.

These three aspects of research achievements from the Division effectively contribute to the educational improvement and development in Kyoto University, not only in liberal arts education but also in specialized education at undergraduate and graduate levels.